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How better copywriting and SEO is paying off for a local service business
Recently, I helped a local business that provides gutter cleaning, window washing and pressure washing to homes in greater Sacramento area. They wanted to improve search engine ranking and better track conversions, so we started looking at ways to improve local SEO and content creation. As a result, the site is ranking number one in some locations against competitors with bigger budgets.
Instead of keyword stuffing (read thisthis or this if you still think keyword stuffing and duplicate content still works), we looked at each of the services the business provided and decided to give it a serious copywriting revamp. We worked on improving local SEO using legitimate best practices and improving readability of the content.
What we did to improve local SEO and readability 
• First, I took a crash course in local SEO consisting of taking SEO Foundations and Local SEO courses on Lynda.com.
• I also read through Ray Edward’s "How to Write Copy That Sells"
• I researched keywords using Google Trends and the Keyword Planner in Google AdWords.
• We revised every page from top to bottom, making sure that they clearly showed the benefit to the customer. I mostly followed Ray Edward’s P.A.S.T.O.R. methodto the letter which is an acronym for Problem, Amplify, Solution, Testify, Offer, Response.
• We used Google Docs to collaborate on the content, and then the Hemmingway editorto flag any hard to read sentences.
• Lastly, I checked the keywords with theYoast SEOplugin for WordPress, aiming for the green light in both SEO and readability.

The result is that the content is more fleshed out, better geared toward service an audience, and has appropriate keywords to improve search engine ranking.
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